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15755 West Rogers Drive
Suite 200
P.O. Box 510157
New Berlin, WI 53151-0157
Phone (262) 827-2880
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Latest News
April 17, 2018, 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

The Complete Credit Professional, A Learning Experience You Will Put Into Practice Immediately!
This Exciting Interactive Seminar Will Give You All The Tools You Need To Achieve Your Goals And Maximize Your Career, Including How To:
  • Build Confidence And Self-Belief.
  • Develop Successful Relationships.
  • Develop Strong Communication And Persuasive Skills.
  • Effectively Analyze Corporate Performance.
  • Understand How To Gain Agreement In All Credit Interactions. Learn How To Negotiate Like A Pro!
In The Morning...
    1. 3 Keys To A Confident Credit Management Personality.
    2. Building A Successful Partnership With Your Sales Team.
    3. Understanding Bankruptcy Procedures And Spotting The Signs Of A Troubled Company.
In The Afternoon...
    4. 6 Persuasive Skills For Effective Collections.
    5. 5 Keys To Gaining Agreement All Credit Professionals Need.
    6. 7 Keys To Negotiating Like A Pro.
Scholarships available for up to $100 per person to attend this seminar.
Visit for more information about the program & to apply.

Click here for the meeting announcement and register soon! You can also register online.

Rely on the Association for important & timely Professional Education through one-hour Webinars. Click for a list of all upcoming events.

Great Value For All Your Training Needs!

Collecting Commercial Debt Series
Download Announcement & Registration

  • Better rates (perhaps thousands of dollars in savings)
  • Better personalized customer service
  • Better security
  • Better international banking relationships
  • Learn why WCA & members are moving to TSYS for the above reasons & much more!
Check your effective overall rate based on this method & call us to help you FIX IT if necessary:
  • On your merchant statement find your total fees paid and your total volume processed.
  • Divide the total fees by total volume.
  • For example $300 fees divided by $10,000 in volume would equal .03% or 3 percent.
If you are paying above 2.5 percent it should be reviewed!
If you are paying above 3.5 percent it should be reviewed quickly!
Above 4 percent....Houston we have a problem!!! 

Call WCA, 262.827.2880, Dianna at X225 to put you in touch with our knowledgeable partner at TSYS.

Experian has launched a new report that's geared to suppliers-the Supplier Profile Report. Do you vet your suppliers? Do you evaluate their risk, check their OFAC or diversity status, and want additional information on their business and other affiliations, as well as payment trends and public record information prior to bringing them on as a supplier for your company needs? The Supplier Profile report will give you all that and more! Email Lisa for a free Supplier Profile Report or credit reporting information in general.

We are your professional credit association, and are here to assist and provide services to our members in every facet of their day-to-day activities: credit reporting services, industry credit groups, educational sessions, collection services, credentialing program, resume referral program, and temporary help services, to name a few. Click on the topic of your choice, provided on the left side of this page, for additional information. You're important to us, and we pride ourselves in making our client's needs our top priority! Call us or click on Info Request, below, if you have questions on any of the services that we provide.

In anticipation of a full-series of recordings to prepare for CCP & CPC training & testing, we're pleased to offer these complimentary brief but valuable listening sessions. The file may take take a few minutes to upload. Enjoy!

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