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Latest News
"Defeating Deduction Demons"
A one-hour Webinar
Thursday - February 12, 2015

Deductions typically account for less than 10% of a company's total accounts receivable balance but may consume up to 40% of the credit team's time to resolve.

This is time the credit department could be using more productively to address and resolve past-due invoices. In this program, we will discuss and examine ways to better manage the Deduction Demons including:

  • Thirty tools for rapidly resolving Deductions
  • Ten critical success factors in Deduction management
  • Management's misconceptions about Deductions, and how to address them
  • And much, much more
  • Click Here to Learn More!

    Rely on the Association for important and timely Professional Education through one-hour Webinars. Click here for a list of all upcoming events.

    Great Value For All Your Training Needs!

    "Defeating Deduction Demon" Webinar
    Thursday - February 12, 2015
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    "Protect & Collect, Using UCC Filings to Make Your Company a Payment Priority!" Webinar
    Tuesday - February 17, 2015
    Download Announcement & Registration

    "Work Smarter Not Harder" Webinar
    Monday - March 16, 2015
    Download Announcement & Registration


    WCA has developed a comprehensive training curriculum to help educate credit and collection professionals. This comprehensive 5-part series has been designed to provide training for new collectors while at the same time, updating and fine-tuning the skills of experienced collectors. There is no time limit for completing the classes. Each program is one hour long. You can access these pre-recorded sessions at any time that is convenient for you.

    Click here, to learn more about this Series!

    You need ICE! Members "roll-up their sleeves" and engage with manufacturing and service industry people to share expertise and experience. Learning and networking are key elements of the ICE group. The International Credit Executives Group, administered by WCA helps members to be successful in the global marketplace...
    • Understanding the economic and political conditions in your markets
    • Meeting customer needs for credit terms and sales financing
    • Maximizing sales and profits by making sound business credit decisions
    • Networking with professionals engaged in international business.

    Visit the ICE Website, for more information. Join us at an upcoming meeting and call the Association, 262.827.2880 X225 with any questions.

    Are You Looking to Hire!
    The Association provides a valuable service where you are able to post ads or job descriptions describing your open positions on under Employment Services located on the left.

    Postings include the name of your company and logo unless you wish to post your open position as a blind ad. Companies receive qualified inquiries from credit and collection people who may have not placed their resume on file with the Association.

    A candidate can send their resume to our office and it we can forwarded to you, or you can provides us with a direct link for candidates to apply to you directly, your choice. Your position will be displayed on our website for a minimum of 30 days. We will extend the posting another 30 days with your request.

    The Association provides this service to member clients as a Value Added Member Benefit. NO FEES ARE CHARGED TO THE EMPLOYER or CANDIDATE. Employers, HR Personal or hiring managers should forward job descriptions or requests to Darryl .

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