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Latest News
"Proofs Of Claim And Trading Claims" Webinar
September 11, 2018
3:00 - 4:00 PM

When it comes to proof of claim, "there best is done deliberately, with information compiled immediately upon learning of the bankruptcy case." And where does your claim stand amidst other claims? When it comes to claims trading, let's understand the enticement to sell your claim and apply reason. In most cases, "Honey Don't" (Apologies to Lady Macbeth and Ringo Starr).

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Collecting Commercial Debt Series
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Grief Relief XXVII Golf Outing
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2018 Credit Professional's Conference
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Association Services
We are your professional credit association, and are here to assist and provide services to our members in every facet of their day-to-day activities: credit reporting services, industry credit groups, educational sessions, collection services, credentialing program, resume referral program, and temporary help services, to name a few. Click on the topic of your choice, provided on the left side of this page, for additional information. You're important to us, and we pride ourselves in making our client's needs our top priority! Call us or click on Info Request, below, if you have questions on any of the services that we provide.

  • Better rates (perhaps thousands of dollars in savings)
  • Better personalized customer service
  • Better security
  • Better international banking relationships
  • Learn why WCA & members are moving to TSYS for the above reasons & much more!
Check your effective overall rate based on this method & call us to help you FIX IT if necessary:
  • On your merchant statement find your total fees paid and your total volume processed.
  • Divide the total fees by total volume.
  • For example $300 fees divided by $10,000 in volume would equal .03% or 3 percent.
If you are paying above 2.5 percent it should be reviewed!
If you are paying above 3.5 percent it should be reviewed quickly!
Above 4 percent....Houston we have a problem!!! 

Call WCA, 262.827.2880, Dianna at X225 to put you in touch with our knowledgeable partner at TSYS.

A series of 6 Webinars with a legal focus!

You're not an ordinary credit professional, why choose ordinary educational programs? WCA Proudly Presents LEGAL TUESDAYS!

October 9, 2018: HOW TO GET A BANKRUPTCY CASE DISMISSED OR CONVERTED, OR TO LIFT THE STAY Your company is a creditor in a chapter bankruptcy case that is getting nowhere and seems to be losing value critical to your claim. How do you stop this bleeding of your blood?

November 13, 2018: ANATOMY OF A PREFERENCE LITIGATION You may or may not have known that the new-debtor was in trouble. But you provid goods or services anyway, and were paid for that. And maybe you provided more and were not paid for them. Now the debtor-in-possession or committee or chapter 7 trustee or liquidation trustee wants you to pay back funds you justly received? Yes, that's what happens. What to do?

Dec 19, 2018: ANATOMY OF A FRAUDULENT TRANSFER LITIGATION From the Statute 13 of Elizabeth (1571) through today, recipients of fraudulent transfers have sometimes had such transfers voided and the funds taken away. But your receipt need not have been intentionally fraudulent; a constructively fraudulent transfer will suffice, which involves no fraud and no bad intent. Huh! Well, the lawyers make out ok. And if you are not sued, your yield from your claim may actually rise.

February 12, 2019: EQUIPMENT FINANCE ISSUES & BANKRUPTCY Are you financing inventory? If so, did you give notice and properly perfect as PMSI? On these facts may turn the priority of payment of your claim. Are you financing equipment in the form of a true lease or a secured transaction a/k/a disguised sale? On this distinction, a host of issues depend in a bankruptcy.

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2018 Credit Professional's Conference
This year's event will be held at the Hilton Garden Inn on September 18 & 19! The sessions you've asked for are on the agenda:

* The Science Behind Success led by Bruce Christopher
* Dealing With Difficult People
* Practical Ways to Manage Your Accounts Receivable
* Business Credit Mastermind Round-table Discussion
* Incoterms 2010 led by Frank Reynolds

Register BEFORE 8/24/28 and SAVE on your registration fee at the early discount rate!

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Why should business credit and collection professionals apply for Credentialing Standards Board (CSB) accreditation as soon as the opportunity is available? By having accreditation in place, Certificate holders can more easily respond to business and employment opportunities available. Certified professionals always earn more and are better positioned for advancement. To learn more, click here.

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